Long Lu My name is Long Lu (Chinese: ll). I'm an Assistant Professor in the Khoury College of Computer Sciences at Northeastern University. I direct the RiS3 Lab (Research in Software and Systems Security). I'm a recipient of the NSF Career Award. I earned my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

My research aims at securing low-level software and systems. Recently I've been pursuing this goal in the context of mobile platforms and Internet-of-Things. My work frequently extends to other sub-fields of computer science outside of security, including operating systems, program analysis, and software engineering. I enjoy building practical systems to solve challenging security problems. 

To prospective students/postdocs: I'm looking for PhD students and postdocs who share my academic interests and have a solid background in computer security and/or systems. Please check out the hiring ad!


Our paper on intelligent seed scheduling for hybrid fuzzing is conditionally accepted by S&P/Oakland'20.
Our paper on operation integrity attestation is accepted by S&P/Oakland'20.
Our paper on scalable and hardware-independent firmware testing is accepted by USENIX Security 2020.
Our paper on detecting insecure cross-device authentication is accepted by ACSAC'19.
Google will sponsor our research on mobile security via an ASPIRE Award
Our SAVIOR paper is accepted by S&P/Oakland'20.
Our EdgeFlow paper is accepted by USENIX ATC'19.
Our TEEv paper won the Best Paper Award at ACM VEE'19!
Our PTrix paper is accepted by AsiaCCS'19.

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